An Interview with Scion Creative Founder and CEO: Isaac Schild

An Interview with Scion Creative Founder and CEO: Isaac Schild

Scion Creative is the sixth and newest division of Scion Staffing, Inc.; a staffing, recruitment and executive search firm that serves both local and national candidates and businesses with specialized staffing services. From Creative Executive Searches to contract positions, Scion Creative is an expert in creative recruitment. I sat down with Isaac Schild, the founder of Scion Staffing, Inc as he shared his passion and drive to connect the best creative talent to emerging startups, established businesses and thriving corporations throughout the U.S.


What drew you initially to the staffing and recruitment industry?

I am a creative person at my core. My mother was an art teacher and I have been drawn to intersection of art, technology and creative medium my entire life. Seeing artists in my family struggle to make ends meet drove me to learn and master the business behind art and media. For me, recruiting is the most direct expression of being able to revolutionary change and elevate a company’s strategic growth goals. By understanding our client’s business, work, and vision we get to connect people and talent that may not have representation, showcase their skills and help you our client take their business and work to the next level. Each and every placement match is a wonderful puzzle and it’s so fun to dive deep into the incredible projects, complex systems, technology, and creative processes that our clients are leading.

Why creative staffing; tell us more about your history and connection to the creative industry?

Art, business, entrepreneurship, and technology is just part of my DNA. I grew up in the creative field prior to founding Scion and going to law school. During high school I was fortunate to study photography with successful photographers such as Ancil Nance and Larry Mills, which empowered me to have work published in Details magazine at the age of 17 for my work with Black and White photography. After college, one of my first creative jobs was cutting my teeth working at MTV News coding HTML, doing graphic design, and helping to interview and write content. At the same time at night, I was teaching guitar to kids and was a talent scout for New Music Records an entity that for Webster Hall and other large venues in New York. I then landed a long-term role working with Jim Henson productions like Bear and The Big Blue House, and Disney’s The Book of Pooh. After, I founded a nonprofit film festival in San Francisco that is celebrating is 15th year anniversary this year. In addition to working in media in my spare time I am an oil painter and write music. For me, like most creatives, the work just keeps me motivated and happy.

You’ve worked and built thriving staffing offices in some of the most creative meccas of the world, New York, LA and more, what is your pulse and prediction of the creative field?

The future is here and creative work is becoming more or more integrated! From design, to marketing, to technology, to data, to building brand identities and telling stories across the board roles of creatives are becoming increasingly integrated, streamlined, and are requiring more combinations of skills to create exceptional creative output while understanding the big picture. Add in the fact of consumer behavior and how we shop and consume media has changed is driving even more a need for creative and design positions. The bar for how a brand need to look, or how a product should be marketed or website should look continues to elevate. It is also now possible to create campaigns and initiatives leveraging tool and technology with just a few people that big teams used to have to work on. The future is digital and companies that are evolving and leading the charge will be the leaders of tomorrow. Opportunity to learn new skills and take on new roles are popping up every day! It is a super exciting time to be in creative industries and significant room for new innovations and industry disruption!

Why should companies consider utilizing a recruiting / staffing agency to fill their roles? What are some of the benefits?

Staffing and recruiting agencies can and will connect you to better talent than you team has the energy and time to find. That is because that is all we do! We are here to spend the many hours of uncovering great profiles specific to your role and needs! Our creative recruiters have filled probably one hundred times the number of positions of an internal recruiter on average and we understand the big picture. Our network is established, vast, and we can see the ultimate unbiased fit from an outside perspective, better than within. Plus, we are agents! We get people super excited about your company and know how to get the most out of your budget by selling the work, your team, and your goals to inspire them. By the time that candidates from our firm start on your team, they are pumped up! It’s like high touch onboarding. When you want a position to be set up for success, why not have a high touch person make sure you are covered and get the best talent on the market? It’s an investment, but worth it every time. Companies that use us are growing and leading their respective industries and winning the war on talent. But don’t work with just any agency. Many are only about the money and not the people. Find a partner with a network of millions of candidates, that can bring you amazing diverse talent and that actually uses networking approaches to fill your roles. For us, we care about our client’s success and absolute satisfaction. We don’t rest until exceptional talent is connected to your team. We also don’t just recruit anyone for our clients. We carefully approach the best of the best and proven leaders who will fit your company culture.

What makes you love coming to work at Scion Creative, day after day?

For sure the people who work at Scion and the amazing clients we get to help. Our team has incredible heart. It’s is such a wonderful team of diverse and exceptional professionals that are truly inspiring to me. Our passion for what we do is so alive. It is what is empowering us to build something truly special. There is also something that just feels so amazing when we find the perfect talent match for our clients and help an amazing person find their perfect career opportunity! Also, getting to leverage innovative technologies into our recruiting systems such as A.I., automation, and cutting-edge marketing approaches is something that I find super fun to empower Scion to be on forefront. Every day we get to learn, evolve and help amazing people. How fun is that!