Women in Creativity: Rising Strong

Women in Creativity: Rising Strong image of Women in creativity- multigenerational and multiethnic women at a table working on a computer.

Women in Creativity: Rising Strong

March holds International Women’s Day as well as women’s history month. At Scion Creative, all month long we are celebrating women in creativity who have paved the way, fought for, and nurtured us. Within the creative industry it’s no secret that women have long been overlooked for promotions and leadership roles.

In our world, where women are influencing upwards of 80% of the overall consumer spending as well as 60% of social media sharing, we are neglecting a pivotal part of our business’s growth and success. This month, as we continue to honor women and share their stories, we’re providing resources for women looking to break into, grow or learn about roles in the creative industry. We see you and we are thrilled to partner with you!


According to this article by Digital Third Coast Research published in 2017 revealed only 1 in 5 board seats of Fortune 500 companies were held by women, and just shy of  5% of them had a woman as CEO. It is pivotal for the health and success of our business eco systems that women have the opportunity to lead. As we continue to create space for women to run and lead businesses, we’re seeing not only new innovations, but also marketing success skyrocket.

An article by Elevate recognizes the value of creativity and shares how that value can lead women to being the source of the next best idea! Fostering creativity as early as childhood can provide confidence and encourage a value of the arts.

Lastly, The 3 Percent Movement, which is an inspirational movement that will not cease until women make up 50% of creative directors, rather than 3% (where the statistic landed at the start of their foundation.) This business provides mentorship and conferences around the nation for women in creativity and creative leadership. It’s a fantastic avenue to network and grow your industry skills.


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