How SEO Can Enhance Your Job Search

How SEO Can Enhance Your Job Search image of Asian woman typing on her computer looking up how SEO can enhance her job search.

How SEO Can Enhance Your Job Search

Let’s talk about SEO, or search engine optimization. If you’ve been on the internet for any amount of time, you’ll know that SEO is essential for businesses and websites to rank, get visibility and grow. The more optimized a site or web page is, the higher it will rank and the better it will do on a search engine such as google. But, did you know that you can use SEO to enhance your job search? We’re diving into the how and why below. 

If you’ve signed up for any type of social media account, congratulations: you’re searchable. Likely if you are actively applying or searching for a job, you’ve made your presence known on LinkedIn with a profile. Taking time to audit your LinkedIn profile, as well as any other public searchable social media profile will help you not only rank higher, but ensure that everything on your profile is something you’ll be okay with a future employer viewing.  

Use keywords to enhance your resume. Your resume is filled with keywords, whether you know it or not. Make sure that when sending or submitting your resume digitally to a job that you have tailored it to the job descriptions specific keywords to ensure you are standing out. For example, if you apply for an Executive Assistant position that has a requirement of taking meeting notes and managing a calendar, put those exact words into your resume where you have that experience. The more tailored and exact you can be, the better your keywords will match and the farther you’ll get in the preliminary interview process. Additionally, using keywords in your social media can be helpful when recruiters are searching for candidate on LinkedIn. Use places like your bio and recent job descriptions to include keywords of jobs that you are targeting. 

You don’t have to know a lot about SEO to make simple changes to your online presence to gain a more optimized presence! If you would like to learn more about resources for your job search, read our blog posts today! Or check out our open positions to find an exciting opportunity!