The Art of Internal Relations

The Art of Internal Relations image of office space in building with computers and chairs

The Art of Internal Relations

As important as public relations are for your company’s public image, internal relations are key for creating a sustainable work environment from your leadership to your receptionist. Internal relations are extremely helpful for the following areas: 

Communicating Major Changes: You don’t want your employees to find out about major company new via the media or from someone down the pipeline. Establish a plan for how you’ll communicate news, such as leadership changes or news that will affect the entire company, prior to communicating to the media or externally.  

Success and Recognition: Part of building a healthy company is having good morale throughout your entire team. One easy way you  establish this is to have routine practices for celebrations and recognitions such as: birthdays, anniversaries, work accomplishments (both small and large) and more! 

Administrative Updates and Reminders: Are you switching software or changing benefit plans? Create channels of communication for your entire team to be notified of upcoming changes with plenty of time. This will help alleviate questions or confusion regarding policy or administrative changes.  

Regardless of how or why you build your internal relations, you’ll want to establish a set of communication processes so that all employees feel comfortable and confident with your procedures and ways of communicating. It will continue to build a healthy and reputable brand for your business. 

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