What You Need to Have on Your Creative Resume

What You Need to Have on Your Creative Resume image of Creative resume writing for Scion Creative Staffing

What You Need to Have on Your Creative Resume


Are you breaking out into the creative field? Or perhaps you are starting your job search and your resume needs a bit of freshening up. It’s imperative for your creative resume to contain the best and most important information—relevant to the job you are applying for. Read on for our tips of what you need to have on your creative resume to stand out.


Be specific.

Let’s start with the most important tip. Tailor your resumes so that it’s clear that your skillset and experience match the needs of the opportunity you’re applying to. Go over the job description and highlight all the areas where you meet and exceed expectations. Now, go over your resume and make sure those qualities and descriptions are 1. Near the top. 2. Easy to read at a glance (think bullet points). 3. Quantitative and descriptive. By clearly portraying why you are a fit for the job with your experience and skills you are making it easier on the hiring manager or recruiter to get you to the next step in the interview process.


Check your links.

Chances are, depending on what creative job you’ve applied for, they’ll likely ask you for your portfolio of work. When adding links from your digital portfolio to your resume, check to make sure those links are working, easy to click on and easy to find within the resume.


Content is key.

If you’ve worked as a freelancer for various companies- include the names of those companies and the projects you’ve worked on for them. Your work as a freelancer is just as important as your work within a corporation and you should be proud to share it! Additionally, make sure to add the dates you worked on the project(s) – from start to finish.


Make it beautiful.

You’re in the creative industry for a reason, right? Make your creative resume reflect your design accomplishments. But- and here’s the caveat, make your resume easy to read and review while doing so.


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