Best States for Creative Workers

Top States for Creative Workers

Best States for Creative Workers

Being a creative, whether that means you’re an artist or a content creator, means you need to live and work in a place where your creative mind can flow. Living and working in the wrong place can create imagination blocks and lead to a lack of creation for creative workers. Finding the right state or cities to live in as a creative can prove to be a challenge. Ideally, you’ll want to find the perfect environment that allows you to focus on your art or your craft, while being able to enjoy the place you live. With more companies allowing for remote work, especially for creative workers, this could mean an opportunity to find your dream state to live in while also doing what you love. We’ve collected a list of the best states for creatives to work in and why some of these states might be attractive to creatives!

What is a creative?

What exactly is a “creative”? To put it simply, a creative is an artist, but not in the traditional sense. Many people will view an artist as a painter or a musician or a writer, but that isn’t always the case. According to one definition, a creative is an individual who creates art to make a difference. Here are some roles that fall under the creative umbrella:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Video Producer
  • Web Designer
  • Digital Artist
  • Copywriter
  • Communication Manager

Whatever your creative role is, finding the perfect place to live is crucial to your own well-being and your professional success. Here is our list of the best states for creatives to work in.


The East coast of the United States is home to two states in our list. The first being Massachusetts, where there are a larger number of creative roles available with a median wage of over $63,000. This large concentration of jobs is due to many media outlets calling the region home. The state is full of rich history and beautiful scenery with the large city of Boston being a vibrant landing spot for young creatives and finding employment in the media industry.


What better place to boost your creative energies and development than one of the sunniest states in the country? Arizona is the next state on our list and for a creative, this state might be one of the best. With great weather and a rebounding economy, Arizona is a place where creatives can earn an average salary of over $66,000, with the top percentage earning $94,000. Phoenix, the capital of the state and the largest city in the state, is a bustling city with a diverse culture and offers plenty to do for those in creative industries.


California is the next state on our list and it’s the state with the most jobs in the creative sector. With an average annual salary of almost $70,000, California is a fine landing spot for those looking to work in the arts. Digital media, film, television, writing, and production are all major aspects that could attract a creative to the state. Living and working in Los Angeles or San Francisco is the dream of many creatives and has led to plenty of creative development over the years, especially for multidisciplinary artists.


Our next state is on the lower end of creative jobs, but it is one of the most popular living spots for people in the sector due to its natural amenities, geographic profile, and livability. Utah is becoming one of the most desired states for creative workers and for good reason. The average annual wage for creatives in Utah is just over $67,000. Salt Lake City is a popular spot for professionals looking to make a move and is becoming a popular destination for businesses in different industry sectors. While the economy in Utah continues to grow, more opportunities for creatives will arise.

New York

Our second state from the East coast is one of the biggest hubs for creative workers and those looking to break into digital media. New York’s average wage for creatives is over $71,000 and New York City itself has a high concentration of jobs in the field. Whether you’re an independent worker or looking for a job with a company in creative industries, New York is the best place for artists and those who are looking to work in the arts. New York City is famously known for those who work in the arts and its incredibly diverse environment makes it a breeding ground for artists.


The state of Washington is the top state for creatives to work in. With an annual average of over $75,000, it is well over the national average for the industry. Along with a great creative sector, Washington has plenty to offer in the form of amenities. From beautiful mountain scenery, rivers, and lakes to the bustling city and corporate scene, Washington has a lot to offer those in creative industries. If you’re a creative looking to work in the video game industry or work for one of the largest companies in the world, you’re in luck. Washington is home to large corporations like Microsoft and Amazon, as well as several video game studios responsible for creating some of the most popular video games on the market.

Top Cities for Creative Workers to Work and Live In

Here is a quick list of the top cities for creatives to work and live in:

  • Omaha, NE
  • Chicago, IL
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Austin, TX
  • Denver, CO

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