7 Ways to Help Manage Your Social Media Content

7 Ways to Manage Your Social Media Content

7 Ways to Help Manage Your Social Media Content

Social media content has become one of the biggest ways for businesses to advertise their products and engage with their customers. Utilizing different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn has been a great way for business owners to reach a bigger audience. Long gone are the days of advertisements strictly in radio, newsprint, or television. Integrated social media posts are a great tool for companies to use and connect with people on these social platforms with different types of social media content.

Managing social media content seems like it might be an easy task, but managing content can be overwhelming at times and it can be easy to slip out of your schedule. It’s important to have a strong social media content strategy. Here are some tips that will make you more efficient when posting content and managing your time as a social media manager:

Use Scheduling Tools

Scheduling out your social media posts can be a fantastic way to keep track of the content on your social channels. There are many scheduling tools available online such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social. These tools allow users to set up automatic post reminders so they don’t forget about them. This is especially helpful if you have multiple accounts because you won’t need to remember which account needs what type of reminder.

Generally, these scheduling tools will allow you to post among your different social networks all at once, keeping your pages consistent in reaching your target audience. These tools can be used to post Instagram stories and posts, blog posts, or holiday pictures for your followers all across the social media world. Keep your social media content calendar organized and up to date!

Tap Into Your Analytics Side

Using the analytics of your social media posts will help you make future decisions about social media content. Seeing how well your posts perform helps you get a better understanding of the type of audience you’re reaching and areas you may need to improve. Tapping into your analytics are a great way to help organize your social media strategy.

The scheduling tools we mentioned before like Buffer and Hootsuite help you look at each post’s individual analytics and engagement. This allows you to see exactly which social media posts were more engaging than others. Instagram also features its own analytics for business pages, as does Facebook. Check your analytics regularly to get a good feel for things like when to post, what to post about, and what content gets the most engagement.

If You Can, Use User-Generated Content

Depending on what your company does, user-generated content can be a great way to build your social media presence and it offers for an easy source for material. If you sell a product, having other social media users or “influencers” post about your products can help boost awareness for the product and widen your audience on any given platform. Reposting their posts gives your channel an easy material source for your social networks and shows other users that your product or service has great credibility.

Come Up With Social Media Content Ideas Early

Along with scheduling your posts out, brainstorming ideas for social media content early can be a great way to manage your social media time and content creation schedule. Planning your posts early can help open up time for other projects and time spent on analytics. Additionally, this can also help with creating high-quality content, allowing for more production time for your content creator.

Whether you’re creating video content, pictures and posts for Instagram, or using customer testimonials, planning out this content can make for an easy and smooth transition into posting your content on a timely and regular basis rather than rushing to meet deadlines.

Post Your Blog Posts

Social media accounts are a great way to engage and interact with your customers, clients, and followers. As you post blogs to your website, these blog posts will bring exposure to your website and your products or services. Blog posts can be very educational and informative, as well as entertaining for the reader (like you!). Maximizing your exposure of those pieces can only help build your ever-growing social content library.

Using your blog content for social media posts is a great way to push your digital content and supply your followers with compelling content. Continue to build your audience with scheduled blog postings and their supplementing social media posts.

Create Video Content

Videos make for amazing content. Whether it’s an Instagram Reel, a TikTok, or a new video for YouTube, videos are a phenomenal way to grab attention and grow your following on social media. Reels, for example, are Instagram’s new(er) feature that allows users to create a short 15-second video. These videos have shown to promote more engagement among social media users and have a positive effect on the customer experience when they visit your social media channels.

Video content is a fantastic tool to catch the attention of certain audiences. It’s important to remember for videos that you want an engaging message, educational content, and high-quality production in order to catch the eye of your audience.

Keep Track of Holidays and Important Events

Staying on top of holidays can be a great way to manage your social media networks, as well. We don’t just mean the regular major holidays either. Outside of Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other major holidays, planning social media posts on quirky or lesser known, but still important holidays  and days or recognition can create interactive content and reach a wider and more inclusive audience.

Posting for trendy holidays can be a great way to piggyback on trending topics and hashtags that help boost your audience. It also helps show off your brand’s personality and gives you an opportunity to get in with the latest of social media. Also, don’t be afraid to post about important events or news that is going on with your company. As your following on social platforms grows, your followers will love to hear any important news you may have to share!

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