Trending Creative Jobs for 2022

Trending Creative Jobs for 2022

Trending Creative Jobs for 2022

As we head into the new year, we take the time to reflect on the previous year. We look to new ways to improve our lives and our career in the coming months. For those in a creative career, the last two years have been an interesting time. As companies continue to spend billions of dollars on marketing and advertisements, the need for quality creative workers is increasing. This is leading to an uptick of creative jobs and the need for more people with creative skills. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular creative careers that are trending right now.

What exactly is a creative job?

Creativity exists in all sorts of ways. Whether it’s writing, drawing, or designing a program with a technical skill, these cover a wide variety of creative jobs. Creative jobs can be found in many industries. The best way to find out what kind of work you would like to do is by looking at your interests and passions. If you love art or design, then you might want to consider becoming a graphic designer. If you enjoy writing, then maybe you should pursue a career as a writer. Or if you’re interested in film production, then perhaps you could become a director. There are so many different types of creative jobs available today.

Virtual Reality has taken off

The use of virtual reality has grown tremendously over the past few years. It started off as a niche technology used mostly in video games and entertainment. But VR is quickly growing into other areas such as education, medicine, architecture, engineering, and even manufacturing. Many businesses are beginning to invest in VR technologies because they believe that it will help them create better products and increase their customer base.

There are several different kinds of virtual reality. One type is called “augmented reality”. Even one of the largest company’s in the tech world, Facebook, has rebranded themselves as “Meta” and will be creating a whole virtual reality world, the “Metaverse”. Between 2021-2026, the virtual reality job market is expected to see an unprecedented growth of 33.85% with an average salary of about $72,000.

Video Game Designers are booming

The video game industry has exploded over the past decade. More than 50 million Americans play video games every day. And the number continues to grow. With the rise of online gaming platforms such as Xbox Live and Playstation Network, there has never been a greater demand for video game designers. Epic Games, the company responsible for the worldwide successful game ‘Fortnite’, is one of the country’s largest employers of creative teams. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , the video game industry is projected to add another 100,000 jobs between 2016 and 2026.

Careers as a video game designer have seen a steady increase of about 5% each year since 2019. The demand is only expected to increase. With gaming becoming more accessible, especially with mobile gaming, the need for quality designers is increasing. The average salary of video game designers also varies from $40,000 to around $140,000.

Marketing Managers continue to be essential

One of the most important creative careers, marketing managers help their companies on a daily basis. Part of their job is to analyze and identify potential markets for their company’s products. A lot of marketing managers put together budgets for ad campaigns and marketing materials, do critical keyword research for social media marketing campaigns, and work closely with advertising agencies. They can also help monitor trends and help maximize profit by helping to finalize pricing strategies.

With all these responsibilities and the need for experience in project management, this job will be one of the more highly-sought creative jobs in 2022. With an expected growth rate of about 10% between 2020-2030, there will be approximately 31,800 new marketing manager positions opening up in the United States during this timeframe. With a median salary of $141,000, this job is also one of the highest paying jobs on this list.

Art Directors are evolving with the market

When you think of an art director, what comes to mind? If you thought of someone who manages a creative team of artists, designers, and/or writers for creative material, then you’re dead on. Art directors are the people who oversee all the design elements of a given project. These people help manage projects like advertisements, music videos, film, television, and more. With a broad range of responsibilities, art directors must have a solid grasp of designs and trends.

While most art directors worked in the world of print, the shift has become more about the digital world. Designing website layouts, mobile platforms, and more, the need for experienced digital art directors is growing. It is expected that in the next ten years, there will be an increase of art director positions of about 11% or 10,800 new jobs.

Graphic Designers are still in need

One of the most crucial jobs in advertising and marketing is being a graphic designer. These designers are responsible for the aesthetic appeal of ads and require a variety of creative skills. They regularly combine their artistic skills and technology to create unique and engaging marketing materials. Finding skilled designers that know how to use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite, and other art studios can be difficult. However, as the market trends upward, more skilled candidates are emerging and graphic design is becoming a more popular college degree.

The job market for graphic designers isn’t showing nearly as much growth as the other jobs on this list, but the need is still there for qualified creatives. According to the BLS, graphic design is expected to only see an employment growth of about 3% over the next decade, adding about 7,300 jobs by 2030. Graphic designers can find other roles to utilize their skills, however, such as Social Media Director, Digital Designer, and Visual Effects Artist.

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