The Benefits of Remote Work

The Benefits of Remote Work image of woman working on her couch

The Benefits of Remote Work

The last year has forced many businesses to quickly pivot their operations to completely remote. As the world continues to open and businesses have the opportunity to shift back to working from the office, many employees have expressed a desire in continuing to work remotely! Remote works provides many pros for companies and employees. We’re taking a look into statistics and trends related to remote work below. 



This is the number one reason many professionals want to engage in remote work. The ability to have flexibility within their schedule (especially after the curveball of 2020) has been extremely valuable for many working professionals who are juggling multiple things.  


Increased Productivity  

In a Stanford study, researchers found that over a nine-month period, the remote employees were 13% more productive—nearly an extra day of output per week. Although professionals who work remotely may initially feel loneliness due to working from home or remotely, without distractions of coworkers and office chatter, their productivity can skyrocket.  


Reduce Cost 

Remote work can reduce cost for both the employers and employees. Building, parking, and commuting costs- regardless of if they fall on the employer or employee- can add up quickly, as can other day to day expenses, such as eating lunch out or purchasing coffee from the adjacent coffee shop to the office. Many professionals have found that by working remotely, these costs can be cut down immensely and save them thousands of dollars. That’s always a win! 


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