How to Market Your Freelance Work

How to Market Your Freelance Work image of Remote employee working on laptop computer

How to Market Your Freelance Work

If you are in the creative industry, chances are you have thought about, dabbled in, or are an active freelancer. Freelance work is an incredible opportunity to grow your skills and career and make connections. Below, we are diving into freelance work and how to find and market yourself as a freelancer.  


Utilize Your Network 

One of the first things you’ll want to do in your pursuit of freelance work is mine your network. Let friends, family, former colleagues and acquaintances know that you are available and interested in freelance work. Even better, you’ll want to dive deeper within the industry that you are interested in freelancing in. Target professionals within that industry to grow your network in a very specific way. 


Social Media  

You’ll want to share your freelance work and express your availability. Be on the lookout for companies who will post that they are hiring via social media. Nowadays, companies will post openings where they know talent is hanging out- and generally that is on social media. Make sure you follow brands and companies that you’d like to work with and network within social groups to grow your network and audience.  


Browse Job Sites 

Job sites such as flexjobs, upwork, and even Indeed will help you easily find freelance work. Companies often post their openings on these job boards that are specific for freelance positions.  


Beware of Scams 

One of the biggest pitfalls of working in freelance is that you may run into scams. If companies are asking for specific samples, you’ll want to ask why they want them – do they want to see if you can write or design for their brand or voice? Or are they trying to get free work out of you? If you can, vet the client or company before working with them to ensure you will get paid for your work and treated fairly.  



Freelancing can be extremely rewarding if you are willing to work hard! For more information or resources on topics related to freelance work, such as building your portfolio, marketing yourself, or working with a staffing firm, read out blogs! To learn more about working contract jobs with Scion, apply today