Eight Interview Questions to Ask in a Creative Interview

Eight Interview Questions to Ask in a Creative Interview image of creative interview candidates waiting for interview

Eight Interview Questions to Ask in a Creative Interview

During the creative interview you have the opportunity to gather information about a candidate. What you ask (or don’t ask) during an interview can give you a fuller picture of the candidate and how they will perform on your team. We’ve put together a list of eight interview questions that go deeper than what are your strengths and weaknesses to help you gain the best picture of a candidate.

How do you incorporate creativity in your free time?

When hiring someone for a creative, digital or design position, it’s helpful to know what they like to dive into creatively on their own time. It may uncover new tools or technology you can incorporate into the position and business.

What are some of your favorite tech or marketing tools to use, and why?

You’ll likely understand what the candidate is comfortable using and hopefully learn something too. As a candidate, you can share how you use this tech and how you’ve mastered it. Perhaps you’ve used a piece of tech to streamline a process at your current position or create a project that helps for brand awareness. You’ll want to share that in your interview.

Which brands do you feel are doing digital marketing well, and why?

As an interviewer you’ll get a better picture of what type of branding the candidate follows and an understanding of how they see digital marketing. A follow-up question worth asking is what type of digital marketing stands out for a small, medium or large business (based on the size of your business).

What is a project you are most proud of?

This is the time for the candidate to shine during the creative interview! We encourage candidate to share enthusiastically about their recent projects- particularly ones that have improved ROI or boosted sales or brand awareness.

How do you work on a team? What strengths do you bring?

Asking this question can help weed out candidates that may not be team players. Marketing and creative departments are always supporting other departments and employees will need to be able to work on a team, take feedback and work with other personalities.

How do you keep up with industry trends?

What blogs, brands and tech does a candidate follow and utilize to stay ahead of the curve? Particularly in digital media and creative industries- things are constantly changing. You want an employee that is able to pivot and stay ahead of the curve.

Have you worked directly with clients/customers?

If the position you are hiring for requires the candidate to work with clients and/or customers, this is an important question to ask. Furthermore, you’ll want to ask this question of the candidate’s references to get a better picture of their demeanor with clients- especially taking feedback for their work.

How will your creativity impact our business?

Time to gather a bit of vision from the candidate. If you are answering this question during a creative interview, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve done your research on the brand and share how you can take it to the next level. As an interviewer, impact is an important part of a creative position and you’ll want to understand how the candidate hopes to implement that for your business.


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