How to Stay Productive While Working Remotely

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How to Stay Productive While Working Remotely

Even before the world quickly shifted to working remotely, many creatives have been working from home, or a cozy coffee shop corner. As creative staffing experts, we often get asked how to stay motivated and productive while working from home. We’ve put together our five top answers to help you be your best while working remotely!

Stay organized.

Organize your desk or workspace to help you stay productive. If you have to take time sifting through piles of paper on your desk, you need to organize. No longer will you have to pause during a meeting to find a pen to take notes or use precious time during your workday to find that sticky note with your client’s information on it.

Move your body.

For so many of us, our workdays fly by. Before we know it, the clock turns to 3pm. By this time, many of us have been sitting at our desk for over five hours. Adding reminders or building rhythms to move our body will help us stay healthy and productive during our day. For example, perhaps you build into your rhythm that you do 50 squats after a client call. Or at lunch you take a walk around the block. Make it work for your work style and schedule.

Drink water.

Hydration is so impactful for your health and your concentration. And while we’re on the topic of input for your body, don’t forget to each lunch. Whether you snack all day or stop to prepare a lunch, working from home gives the gift of being close to your kitchen so you can prepare healthy quick meals to keep your brain working.

Put it on your calendar.

Schedule more, worry less. Make that your mantra for today. Share your calendar with your team and schedule time that you can focus on projects, meet to collaborate with others and schedule time for breaks! It’s easier to move things around on your schedule that try to fit them in at the last minute.

Turn off work when the day is done.

When you don’t have to get in your car and leave the office, it’s easier to continue working. And while you may be showing your dedication to your work by working into the evening hours, you also are increasing your chance of burnout if you don’t set boundaries and limits. Do yourself a favor and close your office door or put your laptop away once your workday has finished so you can focus on yourself when you are working remotely.


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