Five Tips to Staying Organized

Five Tips to Staying Organized image of woman typing on her computer

Five Tips to Staying Organized

Most people will agree, staying organized helps your productivity immensely. Whether you need your physical work space to be organized or just your digital life to keep you check, we’ve put together a short and succinct list to keep your organized in your work life so you that you can continue to do what you do best!


Utilize your calendar.  

Whether you prefer pen and paper, or creating a calendar on your desktop, this is one of the best ways to help yourself stay organized. Utilizing an online calendar- particularly one that is connected to your team and email can help you to block out time for meetings and projects. Another bonus is that you can share your online calendar with your coworkers to ensure that they know when you are available, or not.  


Clean your inbox.  

Start by unsubscribing from the junk email that you likely receive to your work inbox on a daily basis. After that you’ll have much less visual clutter coming into your email inbox so that you can organize important correspondences. Make it a habit to check your inbox religiously at the beginning and end of the day so that important messages don’t fall through the cracks. Bonus points if you are able to clear your inbox at the end of every day so you can start with a blank slate.  


Batch your work. 

Do you have projects that you work on in a routine basis? Perhaps you manage monthly updates or social media; block out time on your calendar on a monthly, weekly and daily basis to work on these projects. Doing this will make sure you stay ahead of your project needs and help you to plan ahead.  


Turn off your phone.  

Your phone likely is constantly pinging you with the latest text, email and social media updates- and many times these are not work related. Spend a good chunk of your day with your phone on silence or even turned off so you can focus on your work. Your texts will still be there an hour later and if it’s an emergency, your people should know how to get ahold of you at work.  


Organize your digital files. 

Spend a few hours (think batching your work) organizing your digital files so that they are easy to see and use. Create folders for loose documents and throw old documents and files into the trash to rid your desktop or computer library of clutter. When you know where things are, you’ll spend less time looking for them and have more time to stick to the important work.  


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