Five Pro’s to Working For an Agency

Five Pro’s to Working For an Agency image of Woman sitting in a row of white chairs looking up agency on her computer

Five Pro’s to Working For an Agency

Are you ready to launch your job search? Let us start off by congratulating you! It’s an exciting time and like many job seekers, you may not be quite sure where to start your search. We’re here to share five pros to working for an agency in your job search.  

You Have Support During Your Search 

When you work with a staffing agency such as Scion, you are allowing a team of recruiters to support you as you begin your search. They’ll work with you to help identify the best type(s) of jobs to fit your career goals and passions. You are no longer alone wading through a sea of job descriptions- you have a team of experts that will partner with during the searching and interviewing process. 

Your Network Immediately Expands  

Alone, you may know a handful of people to network with during your search. But as you work with an agency, your network greatly expands and your resume is more likely to be put in front of key decision makers and hiring managers recruiters have connections to that you may otherwise would not have. A recruiters job is to network and build lasting relationships with businesses and decision makers- so that you don’t have to!   

You Have Access to More Jobs  

Along with growing your network and getting your resume in front of the right people, working with an agency gives you access to amazing jobs that you may not have otherwise seen. Many jobs that are sent to agencies are worked on solely by that agency and may never go out publicly. 

You Are Connected to Market Experts 

Recruiters and staffing firms are market experts. They keep an eye on the ups and downs of the job market, industries and competitive pay rates. They do all of that to ensure that you are getting the best treatment and offer.  

You Receive More Than Just a Paycheck 

When you accept a job (contract or temporary) through an agency, you are that agency’s employee. With Scion, we offer much more than just a paycheck- as do many other agencies. We want you to feel equipped and empowered to step into your new role with everything that you need. Some additional benefits you may expect to receive during a position for an agency could be: benefits, 401K, bonuses and more.  


Working with an agency as you begin your job search can immensely help you! If you’d like to learn more and see what opportunities we have to offer, please browse our open jobs and apply today!