How to Get a Bigger ROI on your job search!

How to Get a Bigger ROI on your job search! image of African American man working at computer with headphones in. Looking for bigger ROI in job search.

How to Get a Bigger ROI on your job search!


Get a bigger ROI when you partner with a creative staffing agency for your job search! You are starting your job search- congratulations! It’s an exciting time. But maybe you don’t know quite where to start. You can certainly send your resume out to opportunities and wait to hear back, or you can work with a staffing and recruitment for to find your next career opportunity! We’re sharing how you can get a bigger return on your job search investment when you partner with a staffing agency.

Grow your network. Networking has become the golden rule of a thriving job search. Did you 85% of jobs are filled through networking? Recruiters are some of the best networkers around. It’s (literally) their job to connect job seekers to amazing positions, many of which will never be posted on a job board. Moreover, recruiters have decision makers and leaders within their network, so you don’t have to spend the time cold calling and internet searching for the right person to connect with.

Leverage your skills and experience. Have you been told to brag about your skills, but not too much? Sometimes it’s difficult to know the fine line of showcasing your experience without going overboard. As you partner with a staffing and recruitment agency, you have allies to help you showcase and leverage your unique skillset, experience and job history to match the next right opportunity!

Efficiency and timing are key. Decision makers and hiring managers generally don’t have a lot of margin time. As you partner with a recruiter, you are able to leverage their expertise and efficiency to ensure your resume, cover letter and any other important documents are getting in front of the right eyes at the right time. Recruiters often have a pulse on the behind-the-scenes moving pieces of the job search and can help you to ensure smooth sailing.

Partner with a trusted source. Relationship building and networking are all about trust. Chances are when you partner with a trusted voice in staffing and recruitment, your reputation goes up tenfold- just because of brand association. And remember, trust goes both ways. A staffing firm wants to represent both trustworthy clients and candidates so that everyone involved has a positive experience. When you partner with a staffing firm you should expect to partner with their trusted clients too.

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