Three Reasons You Should Have an Online Portfolio

Three Reasons You Should Have an Online Portfolio image of Person Creating an Online Portfolio for Creative Job

Three Reasons You Should Have an Online Portfolio

For many jobs in the creative industry, having an online portfolio is a necessity to get a job. You need a platform where you can share your best work and brag about industries and businesses you’ve work with. Below we’ve included the top three reasons why—if you haven’t already—you should have an online portfolio! 

It makes an amazing first impression 

One of the easiest ways to include your portfolio is by linking it in your signature. A hiring manager will be able to click straight to your sight and view your work. As you take time to curate and build your site; your work will be able to speak for itself.  

You increase your online presence and visibility

The more your name and work is out there, the easier it is for you to get noticed. A portfolio site easily serves as an SEO tool (learn more about how SEO can boost you job search here) and grows your visibility online for the impressive work you’ve done!  

 It gives you flexibility

If you find that you’re having no luck finding a job, you have the freedom and flexibility to change enhance or update your portfolio to be as specific or wide range as you want it to be. It’s easy to change content, videos and copy with just a few clicks. 


Bonus: Starting out with your portfolio? Here’s some great websites to begin with: 







Are you looking for a job in the creative industry? You’re in the right place! Browse our open opportunities and apply today! Be sure to link your online portfolio in your application!