How To Network In The Creative Industry

How To Network In The Creative Industry image of group of people networking at a conference

How To Network In The Creative Industry

These days, networking is a broadly used term. Essentially, as a creative you want to implement networking to connect with the right people. Doing so can catapult you and your career opportunities. This makes networking a very important aspect of employability, especially within the creative industries. Learn how to network strategically below!  

Why is networking important: 

You get your name out there. One of the most important things about networking is that you can get your name out there to decision makers that you may not otherwise have the chance to connect with. Networking can cast your career and word of mouth “net” extremely wide and extremely quick– expediting the process of what you could likely do on your own. 

You have people on your team. Networking helps grow your advocates and cheerleaders. This is especially important if you are considering becoming a freelancer- the more people that will sing your praises and vouch for you, means the more people that can help you spread the word about your skills and business.  

Develop long-lasting relationships. As you network you build relationships with others. You can help others in their skills, job aspirations and connections, just as they help you. And who knows- one of your connections may just help you land your dream job! 

 How to strategically network: 

Attend networking events: either in person or online. Put yourself out there! Everyone at the event is there for the same reason, so you can know that you’re in good company. Show up and speak up- be genuine and put your best foot forward in the hopes of establishing long-lasting connections. 

Ask good questions: one of the most important things about networking is following up on your connections- both to see what they can do for you as well as what you can do for them. Be a good listener and ask pointed questions that will help you help them.  

Make sure your digital space reflects your career goals. On your LinkedIn page, ensure that your contact information, title and past roles are clear and easy to read. List your skills and avoid buzzwords to clearly communicate. Many times in networking, your LinkedIn profile will be shared and you want to make sure it’s viewable.  



Networking is essential for career growth. It doesn’t have to be painful or hard. Think of it as a continue investment into your career and goals! For more tips and job opportunities- contact us today!