Three Ways Social Media Can Be Used As a Career Tool

Three Ways Social Media Can Be Used As a Career Tool image of Social media manager typing on keyboard

Three Ways Social Media Can Be Used As a Career Tool

Social media is vital in today’s fast paced world- especially for those in the creative industry. Regardless of what type of work you do, being active and engaged on social media can only help build and give visibility to your brand and connections. We’re sharing three reasons how social media can be used as a career tool! 



You can utilize social media to network with others in your industry, as well as make introductions for those in your network. With so much networking happening virtually, you’ll want to take advantage of your social media platforms to ensure you are actively using them to network- especially with decision makers!  


Showcase Your Portfolio 

 Instagram and even LinkedIn are the perfect places for you to showcase your most recent work and portfolio. You can share links, photos and even reviews of your work within your network. As a creative – showcasing your digital brand and footprint will help to continue to establish yourself. 


Build Your Reputation & Brand  

Posting, sharing and utilizing all the tools social media has to offer can help to build your reputation and brand immensely. As a creative and especially as a freelancer, building your brand through social media as much as possible will help your work and business! 



Social media is just one tool to engage your brand and work. For creative opportunities, please view our open positions! For more resources and tips, visit our blog.