Five Tips to Attract Top Talent

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Five Tips to Attract Top Talent

You’re growing your business or brand and as you do so, you want to include top talent. Here’s the thing- top talent want to work at top companies. Read on to learn how to become a top company, by building your culture, vision and brand, to get the best talent on your team.


Build a Company Culture to Attract Talent

You’ve likely heard about building company culture. Employees are more likely to stay and stay engaged about your company when they have a healthy and robust culture to adhere to. Cast vision build a mission that your employees can get behind and share that vision as you recruit new team members.


Establish Your Employer Brand On Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to engage your broader audience. While you’re there, you can also boast about your company, it’s culture (and the amazing culture you’ve built) and share exciting opportunities and openings you have there.


Tell Your Story

You never know who is watching; it could be your next stellar employee. That’s why telling your story is so important. Sharing your brand story- from how your business helps others to sharing the inception of your brand, you are able to engage potential talent in a thoughtful way.

Involve Your Employees in Your Recruitment

Sometimes, word of mouth is your best recruiter. When you share your openings with your best employees, they’ll likely know people of the same caliber that may want to join your team. Involve referral bonuses as incentives for employees to keep their eyes out for stellar talent.


Be Clear About Your Values

Do you value diversity? Or work life balance for your team? Be clear about these values – make them a part of your company’s culture and be sure to share them with potential employees on your social media, your website and any job descriptions. That way, you are embedding these values into the DNA of your company and employees.


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