How to Build Good Media Relations

How to Build Good Media Relations image of woman reading newspaper

How to Build Good Media Relations

Warren Buffet famously said, “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”  Media relations are vital for companies and brands- especially in the fast-paced digital environment that we live in. Regardless of your industry or the size of your business, it’s imperative to create a reputable brand, as your reputation (and hopefully a positive one at that!) is the one thing you can rely on.

Let’s first define what media relations are. They are simply a company’s interactions with publicists, press and journalists.  

To be an effective media relations specialist it is your job to work with and not against the media. Developing a strong relationship with journalists, bloggers and content writers who may be eager to hear what you have to say will provide your company or brand with invaluable access to the public. Media relations often connect with press on a daily basis to keep up the relationship.  

Good media relations will do the following for your business: build brand awareness, increase your businesses credibility, and the ability to quickly and effectively control a crisis. According to a recent study by Forbes, 33% of millennials rely on blogs before making a purchase and 43% of millennials value authenticity over content when consuming news. As we continue to see this trend, it is important for brands and businesses to adapt their media relations to reflect these needs and desires. Utilizing social media, positive reviews and partnerships with other well know and well trusted brands that reflect the same values can be key to boosting and maintaining your positive media relations and building a sustainable brand. 

With good media relations and connections, your brand will continue to grow in a healthy way! To learn more about careers in media, public relations or other creative verticals, we invite you to apply online with Scion Creative so you don’t miss any of our new and exciting jobs!